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We embrace Playful Nordic Design. Play is a vital part of our company DNA, and a playful approach allows us to develop innovative, exciting products and services for all ages. Nordic design, renowned worldwide for well thought out design an simplicity, is reflected in our designs thanks to our Nordic roots.

Licensed Partners

Our cooperation with LEGO®

Embark on a grand LEGO® adventure every day

Based on the imaginative world of LEGO®, Room Copenhagen has created a range of playful products to fill everyday life with fun. Intricately linked to the LEGO® world and its design, our range takes the LEGO® experience a step further with products that make storage and organizing, as well as school lunches, picnics and family outings, part of the LEGO® adventure. 

If you have a soft spot for the LEGO® brand – and if you don’t want to compromise on your interior design and your demands for quality and functionality – you can find an abundance of fun ideas for shopping and gifts in our collections. You are hereby invited to explore and experiment with individual combinations.

Our cooperation with CRAYOLA ®

CRAYOLA® – all the colors of the world in one brand

The CRAYOLA® Collection by Room Copenhagen. An elegant and inventive fusion of vibrant colors and a Nordic approach to aesthetics and functionality. CRAYOLA® is on a mission to make it easier for kids to express themselves and this powerful commitment is expressed very strongly in our unique products for storage and organizing.

For CRAYOLA® it is a core value to nurture and support the development of creativity. An essential skill for children and young people. The Room Copenhagen collection includes interior and storage solutions that support and inspires children of all ages to pursue their creative ideas and add color to their surroundings.

The playful side of living

Firstly add a playful touch to your lifestyle and interior design. Engage with your favourite brands in new and exciting ways for modern living. Secondly, combine the functionality of storage with the inspiring and colorful world of household names like LEGO® and CRAYOLA®.

Room Copenhagen makes it easy for you to vary and complete your interior design by interpreting the qualities of well-known and loved brands. Certainly, you need to be curious and go discover new designs, inspiring products that always have both a distinct decorative and functional dimension.

Meanwhile, our collections of lifestyle products offer timeless qualities and an uncompromising attitude towards durability, functionality, and consumer safety. As a result, you are hereby invited to experience design products that you enjoy and benefit from year after year.

This is how we interpret the brands you love

You equip the children’s room with happy colors and practical storage, and a long and careful process has taken place to establish this. Subsequently, it is far from coincidental that Room Copenhagen is a trusted partner with some of the world’s most famous brands. Moreover, we work on the basis of a proven and recognized process. In addition, you can ultimately be completely confident in the products you choose for you and your children.

Moreover, it all starts with finding the very core of the brands we have been allowed to work with. Ask yourself: What’s great about the world of LEGO®? What is it that I love about CRAYOLA®? That is to say, the qualities and characteristics that you value most. We must refine and convey so that you can experience it all in your home.

Discover the secret ingredient: Nordic design

Important to start not only to use the colors and qualities that the well-known brands can offer. Therefore in conclusion also to interpret them so you can choose perfect lifestyle products. That’s in their own right offer a clear attitude to form, colors and function. In conclusion this ingredient we call Nordic design.

Likewise, in the hands of our designers, we conjure up interior design solutions that are functional, playful, and practical. The aim can be both decorative or focused on storage. In short, the Nordic design tradition of functional aesthetics shines through all our collections. From coat racks and storage boxes to lunch boxes, picture frames and solutions for keeping desks tidy.

To clarify and to ensure that every single product has long-lasting qualities and contributes to the perfect look in your children’s rooms. We work with a number of skilled and renowned designers who know our brands thoroughly. And in addition, they have delivered retained personal enthusiasm for through the years.

From the first sketches all the way to your home

You choose a product from Room Copenhagen, then you can rest assured that we have followed the production. From the first idea sketches on the artist’s table until you unpack it at home and your children start using it. There is no margin for error or deficient product quality, and therefore we keep the process on a short leash. As a result, we care about every single detail, so you do not have to do it.

A dialogue with our licensing partners sets the process in motion. We talk to our skilled designers about look and functionality. Is the idea in line with our tradition of Nordic design? Does the product contribute to interior design and quality of life? Can we enrich the product with an extra, surprising twist.?

Given the green light – happens only after a strict control from the major brands we represent. We produce our design collections under orderly, supervised conditions. The use of materials and production methods comply with all applicable rules and regulations. In-depth tests are carried out to make the use of the final product safe.

Explore a world of possibilities at Room Copenhagen

Whether you are looking for something in particular, or you want fresh inspiration for decorating your home. Get inspired by only a few clicks. Above all, explore our thoughts and designs here and get an overview of all the collections. In other words, choose your need and experience the more playful side of life. 

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We have the added benefit of being a part of Nordic Houseware Group A/S which also includes the sister company Plast Team A/S. Plast Team A/S is one of the leading companies in Europe supplying plastic home products in the categories of Storage, Food Storage, Kitchenware, Cleaning & Laundry.