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Contact us and enjoy a playful and profitable partnership

Discover the benefits of both playful and profitable partnership, where you can be confident of product quality and logistics. Most importantly at Room Copenhagen, we offer retailers and wholesalers the opportunity to supplement their product range. Consequently with modern lifestyle products that interpret some of the world’s most well-known and beloved brands. 

That is to say that it is our mission to design, develop and offer playful, innovative, and functional household products. Therefore true to the qualities and values represented by names like LEGO® and Crayola®. During the close collaboration with our licensing partners. With a proven business case and insight into the markets in which our dealers operate.

A well-developed sense of quality and trends

Therefore Room Copenhagen is a leading licensee company on the global market. Meanwhile developed world-class consumer brands in the categories: Storage & Organizing and Drink & Food. Subsequently, our aim is to add a playful touch to the lifestyle and interior design of quality-conscious consumers across borders.

However to achieve this, we design and produce lifestyle products that provide timeless qualities. Build on an uncompromising attitude towards consumer-safety, durability, and functionality. Further, to deliver the true LEGO® experience. Certainly communicate the vibrant, colorful world of Crayola® we refine the core values of the brands. Combining them with the latest market trends and a development process that is characterized by the Nordic design tradition.

Production and logistics without weak links

Likewise, it is crucial for Room Copenhagen to comply with the licensing partners’ requirements, to ensure secure deliveries to your company, and to live up to consumers’ expectations regarding the quality of our products. This is why we keep the production process on a short leash with close contact to all links of the supply chain.

In short, it begins with a personal and trusting dialogue with the licensing partners, continues with a team of renowned designers, and is followed by a careful selection of the factories to produce according to our regulations and wishes. All factories are ISO 9001-certified and must undergo continuous checks. And to be on the safe side, we are in contact and collaborate with some of the world’s best laboratories such as TÜV, Hanse Controls, Bureau Veritas, Intertek and SGS on testing.

LEGO® adventures for children of all ages

In addition most consumers have fond memories and a soft spot for LEGO®, and at Room Copenhagen, we are aware of the commitment it entails to turn the creative and imaginative LEGO® world into household products. Above all your customers expect all products associated with the world-renowned name to have the same sense of quality and to help stimulate creativity and playfulness in children.

Therefore, we take the LEGO® experience one step further in both product categories – Storage & Organizing and Food and Drink. The daily tasks should be fun and engaging, which is why we make every product a well-designed addition to the daily life that will please both parents and children. Explore our wide range of LEGOs and imagine how it can contribute to your own sales and your company profile.

Coloring the world around you with Crayola®

Firstly in line with LEGO®, Crayola® is one of the world’s most well-known and beloved brands, which today is the very symbol of adding vibrant colors to children’s fantasy worlds. Secondly in line with Crayola® is on a mission to support children’s development and creativity, and that mission is supported by Room Copenhagen with a wide-ranging collection of products for Storage & Organizing and Store & Display.

As a result creativity, playfulness, Nordic design, and 100% recyclable materials are the keywords for the Crayola collection, and we take pride in offering a completely new approach to a well-known shape: The design of the product line is highly inspired by the classic and iconic Crayola® Crayon. With ingenious, creative touches the designer Søren Refsgaard has transformed the shape into products that have already become iconic in their own way. 

A complete package that benefits your business

When you consider all the benefits, a partnership and ongoing collaboration with Room Copenhagen can be a valuable addition to the other products and services you offer your customers. There are many reasons to contact us, some of the most important of which are:

  • Direct, long term, and trusting collaboration with licensing partners such as LEGO® and Crayola®
  • Uncompromising quality level and high consumer safety through comprehensive testing
  • Tightly controlled design and production process with traceability and reassuring certifications
  • Carefully selected factories and 100% recyclable materials in the products
  • Recognisable corps of designers add high functionality and Nordic design to the final product
  • Secure deliveries and a high level of support to grow your business

You are invited to explore our website, and as a result grasp further inspiration. Do not hesitate to contact us if the prospect of a playful and profitable partnership sounds like a collaboration with potential

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