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Decorate your home with a playful touch

Where to buy gives you direct access to a specific product range. Or you can stay on and discover how a playful touch combined with functionality and versatility can make the most of your living space. Firstly, at Room Copenhagen we offer inspiring ways for you to decorate your home. Secondly, with functional design products that interpret household names like LEGO® and Crayola® in new and surprising ways. 

If you like the well-known and beloved brands. You can invite them back into your life and your home. As unique storage solutions, lunch boxes and more to make everyday life easier and the days more colorful. Each product is marked by the Nordic design tradition and an uncompromising attitude to quality.

Living the LEGO® experience every day

LEGO® stands for imagination, learning, creativity, happy colors, and countless ways to combine products. These are values, that Room Copenhagen brings to the collections of storage solutions, lunch boxes, picture frames and displays for children’s rooms that we are proud to present in close cooperation with LEGO® and skillful designers.

Children need to create their own images and stories, and they develop through the use of fantasy and creativity. The Room Copenhagen range takes the LEGO® experience one step further and as a result, make organizing and storage a fun adventure and offering a wide range of household products that stimulate children’s imagination. 

Experiencing the vibrant colors of Crayola® 

For Crayola®, it is crucial to make it easier for children to express themselves through drawing and vibrant colors. The name is synonymous with joy of color and quality, and it is therefore the obvious partner for Room Copenhagen in our desire to give everyday life more nuances and make storage and organizing a joy and not a duty.

If you want to add a wider range of colors and functionality to your home combined with stylish Nordic design, you have an overwhelming number of choices with the Crayola® collection from Room Copenhagen. Hence, Functionality, Versatility, and Aesthetics come together for the daily enjoyment of both you and your children.

What do we mean when we say Nordic Design?

The key to the products you can choose from Room Copenhagen is called modern Nordic design. Nordic design is our secret ingredient that we use when we interpret some of the world’s most famous brands and translate them into products and solutions with which you want to enrich your home.

In our eyes, Nordic design is a sense of simplicity, functionality, and aesthetics, which together form a successful whole that you can enjoy every day in your home.”

It is not pure minimalism, but rather a willingness to get to the heart of things and develop the simplest possible expression of the product at hand.

Above all, you have the same love for simple, functional solutions that convince with their well-thought-out details and a consistent translation of ideas into quality products? Consequently, you understand our passion for Nordic design.

You bring home a lot more than just a product

Before choosing a lifestyle product from Room Copenhagen, a long process has gone before, and you can see this in the finished result. The global brands we represent have approved every single idea and every design sketch we present in the first phase of the product manufacturing process.

Why is this important for you?

You can rest assure that the unique values that the brands represent also characterize the storage solution. Even when it comes to the lunch box that you purchase for the enjoyment and benefit of your children. You are not buying a product, but an entire philosophy. A philosophy that for decades has set the standard for quality products for children of all ages.

Fantasy thrives when safety is in place

Last but not least, there is the issue of safety and quality control. In short, you probably know all too well that you can sometimes doubt the safety. Are there loose parts? Can the stopper come off the drinking bottle? Subsequently, what about colors and printing techniques? Is there a guarantee that everything is approved for frequent and rough use day in and day out?

At Room Copenhagen, we salute the principle of wearing a belt and braces. We do this best by checking the entire product’s path from the first idea sketch to the delivery to you as a consumer.” 

This includes the choice of producer and production technique. It also includes color printing, material selection and control of joints and individual components. Everything is tested and documented. This is a clear requirement from our licensing partners. We demand it, too, jus like it is also a natural expectation on your part on behalf of your child.

Freedom of choice begins at roomcopenhagen.com

To sum up, feel free to explore our website where you will find the unique LEGO and Crayola collections by Room Copenhagen. Add a playful touch to your interior design with a few clicks. 

Above is a list of some of our most valued partners. Certainly, they carry most of our wide assortment. Products are always in stock subsequently, you never have to wait for the products for too long. If you for any reason should have trouble finding what you so desire, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for guidance and service.

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